retail scorecard develop online solutions for global retail brands and third-sector organisations.

Our solutions and mobile apps have been proven to: bring staff, customers and suppliers together, save time and money operationally, improve sales and productivity, improve forecasting and planning accuracy, improve customer retention and satisfaction, capture vital market intelligence.

We’re a rare breed: CEOs, Interim Managers, Directors of IT and Marketing, as well as being long-established business consultants. We're both innovators, always at the bleeding edge of technology looking forward, as well as down-to-earth commercial specialists with a solid background across several franchise markets including automotive and high-value retail.

Our applications have achieved as much as 97% utilisation rates - even in traditionally 'challenging' networks such as automotive.

We have over twenty years experience developing reliable, secure and effective online solutions, stretching right back to the first days of the web.

To us, working with a client is more than just a ‘design’ or a ‘technology’ challenge. We take a solid commercial approach to every project we undertake - understanding that online solutions don’t just have to look great but engage with all end-users.

There is no point in deploying a system which looks great but only gets used by a small percentage of your user base. This is particularly critical in multi-franchise networks, where knowledge of and influence over end-users and their behaviour is limited.
solutions that work with you and your business

We’re team players. We collaborate well with our customers and engender an open and honest working relationship.

We like to learn about our customers - understanding their wider business challenges in order to better contribute to their successes.

On a technical level, we are used to integrating with technologies right at the heart of our clients' systems and processes, working with both internal and external IT people to make it happen.

Most important, we’re innovators, not resellers. We’re not here to sell you a particular piece of software, hardware or third-party service. This also means that we’re not limited to the tools and technologies on the market today. That said, we also not afraid to point you in the direction of the best solution when one already exists.